[JOLSE] andLAB Xylitol Mild Sun Cushion SPF50+ PA+++

Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Lunar New Year everyone!

It’s been a while since i’ve sat down and wrote a little review for you all! I thought this product review would be the most appropriate for this time of the year.

Winter season brings harsher weather which ultimately stresses the skin quite a bit. While adjusting to the climate change, you are reintroducing your skin to something new and really you don’t want to add more than you need, risking your skin to react. AND sunscreen is one of those things I have a hard time with, whether it is the scent, the white cast, the stickiness or oilness of the product, I can’t bring myself to apply sunscreen underneath the CC cushion KNOWING that I should. So, when I was given the opportunity to try and review the andLABXYLITOL Mild Sun Cushion I had my doubts and kind of had my guard up. But surprisingly…it’s not what I was expecting!

Now…let’s get into it.


At first glance, it’s just like any other cushion. It’s compacted and comes with of course a cushion. XYLITOL describes this Mild Sun Cushion as “low irritation sun cushion that is mild and controls sebum with xylitol and plant component having skin cooling effect and low irriation moisturizing ingredients making you feel fresh”


I would say for me the description is a pretty point on. My skin showed zero reaction whether wearing it alone or with a CC cushion on top, it was so mild that when applying it almost felt like water. With it being water like it was definitely moisturizing and gave it that “cooling effect” making the skin feel fresh. Often times I find sunscreens giving a white cast look, even with foundation on, with XYLITOL it didn’t do that at all which i’m assuming is because of the how light weight the formula is. And with the question of this sun cushion being light weight; does it have a high enough SPF? Yes, it does – having a SPF 50+/PA+++ is basically the same as any other CC cushions out there, without the tint and other benefits.



The scent isn’t too overpowering, it gives off a floral-ish light smell and is quite pleasent I can say.


The only thing that really bothers me is how thin the cushion feels and only using it for a month the cushion as you can tell has changed colours. Where I place my fingers on the cushion has now made a dent so it doesn’t really bounce back to its shape.


Overall I quite enjoy the cushion and do see myself repurchasing once I am done. Price point is really not that expensive at Jolse $15.98 USD. This product can easily last me for a few more months as little can go a long way…I love actually just wearing it on my own without any foundation on going for the complete natural everyday look.

This completes my little review, hope it wasn’t too boring!

Wishing all of you good health, joy and prosperity for the years to come!




[JOLSE] andLAB Xylitol Mild Sun Cushion SPF50+ PA+++

Starting at the base

Skincare always starts with a foundation, as base to act as “primer”. To be completely honest I was never a fan of using toner, i’ve always skipped this part till I knew the real reason why toner is so important as the first step to any skincare routine.

Toner in definition acts as a cleanser and replenisher. It removes any residue or dirt that was left on the skin while restoring the skin with benefical ingredients that may have been striped from skin while cleansing.

As some of you have heard of the “7 layer toner method” this involves as increasing the mositure level to ensure the skin is hydrated without feeling heavy from essences and mosituriser. However, I don’t necessary apply 7 layers, the most I would go up to is 3 – 4. My first of layer involves swiping the face clean from any unwanted makeup and dirt that was left over. Second layer involves patting the toner on to my face with the palm of my hands, the warmth of my hands allows the toner to be fully absorb. The third layer is essential my last layer of toner that creates a barrier from allowing any dirt or dust particles. Depending on how dry my skin feels that day or night I will go for a fourth layer to increase the moisture just a notch. From there I will proceed with my essence, moisturizer…eye serum etc.

Now with all that aside here are my top two toners that I have been loving these past 6 months to a year.

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Pyunkang Yul Essence Toner and Huxley Secret of Sahara Toner: Extract It

Lets break down the difference in the two toners.

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Pyunkang Yul Essence Toner

Starting with Pyunkang Yul. This is a unscented toner that is perfect for individuals that have sensitivity to smell. I find this toner to be on the heavier side and would say this is perfect for the Fall/Winter months. Not to say that this isn’t good for the Spring/Spring months but essentially I find this work better and to its potential during the colder months where my skin is on the drier side.

With 90% of the ingredient being Milk Vetch Root Extract (Astragalus Membranaceus Root Extract) and with no water base. This purely concentrates on the essence contain which is an anti-inflammatory that is great for skin irrtation or redness. It calms the skin by replenishing the skin with benefical ingredients for acne-prone skin.

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Huxley Secret of Sahara Toner: Extract It

Huxley has been the ever growing brand that is great for sensitive skin. The toner is absolutely divine with a light scent and refreshing for the summer months. It is light formula but is great for moisture and hydration. Again this toner is waterless and alcohol free and purely concentrates on the Sahara Prickly Pear Cactus Seed Extract. This extract maximizes hydration as well restores the pH level allowing a smooth clear canvas.

As this forumla is much ligher in comparison to the Pyunkang Yul it has work great for me during the summer months and up to now as the weather in Toronto has not reached its Fall weather temperature.

There are still tons of toners I will adventure off to. By far these two has been my top choices and that I would recommend. Both are great for sensitive skin and both has their own unique main factor.

I hope everyone finds this helpful. There are few more toners I am trying and have been building content to share with you guys!

Have a great week! Hope everyone is out on this sunny and HOT Sunday afternoon! Enjoy whatever we have left of this heat wave in Toronto.

Stay Safe =)



Starting at the base

[JOLSE] JUICYFUL Vitalizer Tone-Up Cream 100ml

**Disclaimer – I did not purchase this product. I received it for review purposes. [JOLSE] JUICYFUL Vitalizer Tone-Up Cream 100ml review**

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I’m not the type to really use tone up creams/lotions nor did have any interest in using the products. However, I do own the Laneige White Dew Tone-Up Cream and typically I use it to brighten areas of my face especially with dark spots, freckles and some acne scaring.

Roughly, a month back I received the Juicyful Vitalizer Tone-Up Cream to review from Jolse and I was thrilled to have an additional product to compare the Laneige one with.

So let’s stop the rambling and start with the review!

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Juicyful Vitalizer Tone-up Cream

I honestly have not heard of JUICYFUL so it was nice to review a product that I wasn’t aware of. I took my time trying the product everyday for a week whether it was during the day or night time and with or without makeup. This gave me more of an understand how the product works, pros and cons. Along with testing the product I wanted to make a comparison review as I had the Laneige Tone-Up cream as well. By comparing the two products I was able to test out the texture, scent, functionality and if the both products simplier worked with my skin.

With the Juicyful Tone-Up Cream it was a mixture of a dislike and like. To me and perhaps my skin I just didn’t feel that it did much but to make my complexion really pale.

How I used it

I tried using it all over my face and around my eyes to brighten it up. I also tried using it on just spots I wanted to lighten such as some of the acne scaring I have, and the freckles on my cheeks. And for the most part it did the job according to what I wanted but the formula after application made my skin feel oily, sticky and heavy. It just wasn’t a comfortable feeling to me and there were times I just went and washed my face after I used it.

After a few times I tried a 1:2 ratio more moisturizer then tone up to see if maybe it would be better and would feel nicer on my skin. I did think that it was better being mixed, however it wasn’t very blendable. It was pasty and streaky…almost like oil and water.

Personal Suggestion

I would suggest this product to someone with a much fairer skin tone I think this would beautifully with an individual that is very fair and looking for that almost translucent look. And perhaps someone that doesn’t mind the texture as well.

Comparison to ...

The Laneige White Dew Tone-Up Cream

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One thing I did like about the Juicyful Vitalizer Tone-Up Cream was that it came in a squeeze bottle vs in a jar although the Laneige one did come with a little spoon.

I just think with a squeeze bottle it was more hygenic and clean.

One obvious difference is the price point. I don’t find the Laneige product too pricy but in comparison with the Juicyful it is relatively more expensive. (I listed the two links below)

Juicyful Vitalizer Tone-Up Cream $26.00 USD

Laneige White Dew Tone-Up Cream $39.07 USD

Personally I really enjoyed using the Laneige Tone-Up cream. The texture is lighter and mixes really well with any moisturizer. It didn’t feel sticky or heavy at all.

Similar factors between Juicyful and Laneige is that they both whiten and brighten whichever areas I wanted to concentrate on. Both are scented and I would say there isn’t much a difference in that field.

I did compare both products ingredients and found the Juicyful has more extracts then the Laneige does so if you’re on the market for a product that whitens with plant based extracts this is definitely right up your alley.


Up to now…I am still trying, mixing and finding ways to make this work for my skin. I do want to try this product during the Fal/Winter months as now I have a feel of how it is during the Summer months. Weather is major factor on how your skin is like and performing. There will be a follow up review for this product during the Winter months just a check in to see if I found a new solution to using the product or if the weather indeed had an impact on how it didn’t work well with my skin. SO be on the look out for that!!

All in all…I do suggest trying both products. What work for me may not work for someone else and vice vera. It’s always smart to try new things and explore different options and i’m sure there are a lot more tone-up creams out there that I can explore.

I hope you guys enjoyed this little honest review…it’s technically my first time reviewing a product I received.

Have a great rest of the week and stay safe!

With love always ❤

– dee

[JOLSE] JUICYFUL Vitalizer Tone-Up Cream 100ml

Oils begone!

Stepping away from skincare a little bit…I thought it would only be relevant to talk about my summer hair and what I use. The summer months in Toronto tend to be hot…sticky and humid my hair becomes oily even faster and dull. I don’t wash my hair every single day (well I try not too) and in between washes I gravitate towards dry shampoo.

I’ve had my share of trying different dry shampoos…some work…some didn’t…some work but I didn’t like and ranging from higher price points to lower price points. As there are tons of suggestions on which one works and which one doesn’t but keep in mind that it takes a while to find the right one hence trying and purchasing. And of course the ones that didn’t work for me i’ve given it to friends and family.

With trying dry shampoo using it once is usually sufficient for me to know if I like it or not.

So without furthur ado…lets get into it!

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I actually stumble upon CO Lab on my usual Shoppers Drug Mart Run and I was out of my previous dry shampoo and I thought lets try something new, and honestly, I did not enjoy the previous one I was using although it did work.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

So I decided to pick up the CO Lab London for Volume. I was a little disappointed as it made my hair quite sticky but I did really like the smell so I continued using it. I would describe the scent as musky, with a bit of floral. It was like perfume for the hair and I loved it. I tried making it work as I would use it and throw my hair up as I’m the type of person to always play with my hair. The plus side was that it made it easy to pull up my hair…messy bun…half up the stickiness worked in its favor.

I had asked a friend for some suggestions on what’s out there that I could try and that could work. There was a few that she suggested and one of them being the CO Lab London although she did say it would be sticky and why not trying the same brand but different type. SO I went out and purchased the…

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

CO Lab RIO tropical in Sheer Invisible. AND it has been my holy grail for day 2 hair!! The scent is perfect for summer hence the RIO tropical. It didn’t make my hair sticky and it worked like a charm. The scent reminds me of a fruit juice with that slight musky untone which is perfect…perfume for the hair.

For now…this works great for me and of course are tons out there that I would still love to try! So stay tuned!

I hope everyone is having a great summer, enjoying the weather!

Stay safe!




Oils begone!

Summer Skincare

Happy Friday everyone! It is absolutely beautiful outside feels like 37 degrees =) and it is great patio weather!!

As we dive into summer now our skin has changed a slight bit from the harsh winter we’ve endured. It’s no surprised that i’ve added a few things and subtracted a few things into my skincare routine. In this blog i’ll be concentrating on my morning skincare throughout the week.

Lets jump right in…

Klairs Toner

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I have to say…i’ve been really enjoying this toner in the morning. It is refreshing, moisturing and soothes any redness I have in the morning. Normally I layer this twice, one on a cotton pad and two patting it in with my hands. This leaves the skin super hydrated which is always a plus considering you do not want any dry patches going in with make application and during the day! don’t forget being inside whether office setting, shopping, restaurants and even sitting in the car…you’re in a space with AC and that will leave your skin dry.

Rohto Medical – Acnes25 Medical Cream

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I may have that random pimple or a pimple ready to emerge. A quick dap of this PM before bed; AM after toner to keep it calm. This also helps create a protective barrel from the surrounding environment. It is not too thick or too thin, a good consistency thats easy to apply. Using q-tip I dab around areas I feel that there may be a pimple coming through or a pimple that already exist.

A.H.C – The Real Eye Cream for Face

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I cannot say that I love this or hate this at the same time. I do however really like the scent of this…a warm musky but clean smell. As for the cream itself as an eyecream I find it on a oily side. Once applied I can see that there is a oily film across – this sort of got to me a little but with the “oily film” I did find that when applying concealer under the eyes it stuck better without running or slipping. It seemed to hold itself better… ??? hahahaha

I’m from Vitamin Tree Water-Gel and Klairs Vitamin C Drops

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I have been using these two as a combo for a while now and it is probably the best combination I have seen it work during the warmer weather. Although I was not a huge fan of the smell of the Vitamin Tree Water Gel, there seems to be this alcohol smell lingering as I am applying this but overall, it did not break me out, it did not leave my skin feeling dried out nor did I have any reaction to it.

I add about two drops of the Klairs Vitamin C, and I definitely say that I have seen a change in the texture/appearance of my skin. It protects your skin from the UV rays which through this time I have noticed my freckles/sun spots diminishing or fading lighter then it was before. Not to mention I used this during the cooler weather with a heavier moisturizer and it seems to work just as well!

And lastly…

Souci Souci Limited Edition Butter

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This a little gift I got near the beginning of the year for purchasing throughout last year! Which I found amazing as Souci Souci is very customer oriented. Mainly used this before going to bed but I also found it to work well first thing in the morning to keep my lips hydrated throughout the day. I might need to touch up once or twice during the day but it does not leave your lips chapped as some lip balms I feel very realiant on it.

Rosy Souci Lipsoft



As this is a limited edition I have included a similar product that I enjoy using with the same results as well.

I hope you enjoyed this short blog! It has been a while since i’ve updated but I’m back and in full gear =) Have a great weekend!

I have included below some Wishtrend sites that include some of the Klairs products in a package, I believe when I had purchase the toner and vitamin c drops it came in package as a very good price.

– – This includes toner and vitamin c drops – –


– – This only includes the toner – –



– dee

Summer Skincare

Going Herbal

Happy Sunday Everyone!

In the last month i’ve changed my nighttime routine due to having dry and irritable skin. I wasn’t sure if it was due to the changing weather, enviroment or just the products I was constantly using and trying but everything I used would either make my skin red or give me dry patches. So hearing about this line I took the dive and tried Pyunkang Yul after hearing Youtubers and bloggers rave about it. And! I am so glad that I did because once I used it, my skin has been clear, no irritation or dry patches.

Pyunkang Yul (the website is in Korean but some online stores do have english descriptions) cruelty free and is developed by a Traditional Herbal Clinic.

These non-scented products are perfect for sensitive skin and the great thing about it, is that it is available on Stylekorean and from time to time they offer the products in sets. For instance, as of now they have a set of three that includes Essence Toner, Moisture Serum and ATO Cream for only 59.00$ USD (don’t forget the conversion rate and shipping fees) but still it is a great deal!

At that time when I purchased my set of three, it was the Essence Toner, Oil and Nutrition Cream for 29.99$ USD.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Now let’s get into the products ~

Starting with the base… Pyunkang Yul Essence Toner – 200ml

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This Essence Toner is amazing. Not only does it feel great on the skin, it is fragance free which makes is safe on really sensitive skin. Everyone is talking about the 7 layer toner step and I have to say it is a little too much for my skin so i’ve deducted about 4 layers. The first layer I use a cotton pad just to wipe away any left over makeup or dirt thats on my skin after cleansing. The second layer I apply with my hands in patting technique that allows my skin to absorb all the product and lastly the third layer really depends how my skin is that night. If I find that it is on the drier side, i’ll add the third layer if it’s not too bad i’ll actually skip the third and go straight to the next step.

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The toner contains Milk Vetch Root Extract which says it helps to bring elasticity back to the skin, while replenishing and re-energizing skin cell; which I can say that my skin does feel quite firm and replenished by morning. It doesn’t feel sticky at all making it prepped and ready for step 2.

Pyunkang Yul Nutrition Cream – 100ml and Pyunkang Yul Oil – 26ml

This nutrition cream feels really nice and refreshing. When applied on its own it has a cooling effect. It does provide hydration for my skin and it is said to help with providing a healthy glow with the product penetrating deep down to the skin allowing for a clear and radiant complexion.

Along with Step 2 Nutrition Cream is the Oil as well

For extra hydration they recommend adding 2-3 drops of the oil along with cream and applying it to the skin. It contains 7 plant based natural oils and can actually be used in your hair as well.

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Like it says, it works great for hydration which leads into having a radiant glow and clear complexion. Of course, don’t go by the amount they tell you, adjust the amount you need according to your skin type. As for me adding 2 drops is a little too much; it becomes overly oily for me so adding 1 drop is sufficient. They say there will be a light oil barrier that will prevent any moisture from evaporating…this is an excellent point because once this is applied I don’t find my skin losing my moisure at all and by morning my skin feels super hydrated making morning makeup application so smooth.

Overall I find the pricing to be quite reasonable for what it is, and of course on STYLEKOREAN you would find Pyunkang Yul in sets or single products on sale. You don’t need a lot while using these, a little goes a long way…which goes with any products out there. Definitely a great line for those who have really sensitive skin and have sensitive smell to fraganced products; along with skin types who need tons of hydration, These products would be great in the Winter months as well. I’m absolutely thrilled that I have an alternative for my skincare in the Winter now.

I hope you guys enjoyed this long blog post!

Have a great start to the week! Stay safe!!



Going Herbal

Scented ~

Happy Sunday everyone! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

I thought I do something different and start the week off with a blog post and why not talk about some of my favourite room scents. From candles to room mist, there are only three that I cherish and have repurchased a few times. I’m sure there are plenty of scented mist and candles I will stumble upon but for Spring 2017 my list will still remain the same.

I am one of those individuals that is extremely sensitive to smell and it is no surprise that my room has to smell a certain way or it’ll throw off my day or night.  Scent is definitely one those things that can start and end your day. So without my rambles lets get into it!

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Each scented items have their own unique feature. Whether clean, floral or musky it brings a different vibe and it goes according to how I feel that day or how I can change my mood.

Lets start with how I start my day…

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This is by the far the perfect scent I enjoy during the week. I work early hours and I get even earlier to get ready (I’m talking about waking up at 5:45am and getting to work for 7:00am) first thing I reach for is this scent and the name itself explains it all. It’s a fresh, spring almost good for rainy days type of scent, you can also describe it as clean and fresh out of the laundry. This different perks me up in the morning, gets my day started and definitely wakes me up! You only need two spritz and it’s enouhg for a fresh scent to lighten the mood since it is so early in the morning!

The next scent I enjoy during the week as well but mostly during the weekend is…

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During my weekends, I tend to automatically wake up around 6:00am from being so use to waking up that time during the week and when I do I tend to grab this scent to relax myself and go back to sleep. Pure Lily describes it perfectly as well, it’s floral but with a hint of freshness and muskiness. It’s very calming and as some floral scents are not close to what it is suppose to smell like. Pure Lily has that rich lily fragance. This is perfect for my room and even in the living room during Spring. If I had to choose a scent to describe Spring…this would be it!! Great for rainy days and sunny days!

Last but not least…

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Siren – Moonlit Orchid

I didn’t actually purchase this through the website but I did find this at Homesense and the few times I was there…stock was still available!!

This is great for bedtime. The scent is light calming, musky with a hint of orchid fragance. The muskiness for myself helps to calm my mind and mellow out the enviroment around me. It is not overpowering but almost a warm embrace kind of scent. I would recommend this to those are struggling to sleep or need a rich but light smell for meditating. AND the color scheme itself is *thumbs up*

I  hope you guys enjoyed this little post and definitely let me know what scent you guys are into or any recommendations at all!

Have a great week! Stay safe and healthy!!



Scented ~