Who am I?

Hello and Welcome to dashes to doses!

Happy Sunday everyone! Although I know most Torontonians would disagree on the minus 20 degree weather we have been experiencing this weekend. BUT as a blessing in disguise it has allowed me to stay in and complete my first blog for the readers!

So who am I?

Born in Toronto but raised partially in Hong Kong, Calgary and Toronto. I work full-time in the Medical Administration sector with my love being in that industry but my passion within beauty, lifestyle and of course…life has its chaos.

Why am I starting this?

I have always wanted to redirect my focus a bit outside of what I do Monday through Friday and don’t get me wrong, I love my job and to be able to help others in the medical sector is fulfilling at the end of the day. I have always found my way of releasing stress through researching different ways to change my lifestyle, incorporating and tweaking the little things in life. Beauty always starts from the inside, and once your mind is at peace it really shows on the outside. Nothing is more beautiful than being happy with who you are and surrounding yourself with friends and family who knows when to put you in your place and show you nothing but support (Trust me…i’m still learning)

It dawned on me one day with a few of my friends were asking me about what products are good on the market, what products are good for certain problematic areas, some fashion tips or even as simple as what was a good pair of rain boots to purchase (and in no way am I an expert, I am still learning everyday). I could definitely share these with anyone who’s asking these questions as well.

From beauty products (mainly K-Beauty); to Fashion; to the different aspects of lifestyles, I want to be able share these outlets that I have experienced, that I have learnt to a community that are looking for reviews, opinions or even just a simple read to pass time. All in all…a dash of this and a dose of that.

I hope you guys enjoyed that little ramble of mine!

With lots of love,




Who am I?

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