Dragon Blood Essence by Secret Key

**Quick disclaimer the products that I will be reviewing are all purchased by me…by my own money –  if by chance I do review a product that was given to me, I will definitely write it at the beginning of the blog**

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First off I have to admit…the product name sold me. I was quickly drawn by the word Dragon (my inner fantasy child) and the packaging is quite similar to the Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate

Hitting the age of 30 (yes…I know 30 is the new 20) it was time for me to invest a little more into anti-wrinkles and anti-aging products that were designed for this particular age group.

Product name: Dragon Blood(y) Essence
By: Secret Key
Price: $17.98 USD ($24.19 CAD) discounted on Jolse for $14.38 USD ($19.35 CAD)

Dragon Blood Essence is said to Whiten and Reduce the look of Wrinkles. Perfect! And what I like the most about the product was that it wasn’t too much; it wasn’t overwhelming. It focused on two things and that is all you really need in one product.


I would say the smell is in between a floral and sweet berry, almost like jelly candies. It is definitely not heavy on the perfume scent. Colour wise, it is milky pink and non translucent.

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Not sticky which is at the top of my list. I absolutely cannot stand stickiness on my face, it doesn’t feel clean to me. It is fast absorbent with a gel like texture and after applying it evenly on your skin it gives off a healthy glow.

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I’ve only used it for a good couple of days since getting the product. I haven’t notice a huge difference in my complexion but anti-aging and anti-wrinkle products are not a fast response team, these products are made to prevent the signs. One thing that I have noticed are my freckles/sun spots a little lighter than they were before. This is definitely due to the whitening component of the product.

On a side note, this may not be the purpose of the product BUT I love using this under my CC cushion, as I mentioned above that it gives a healthy glow and it also acts like a primer for me which I never ever use, so this is a plus!

I would recommend this for all skin type. You can use it during the day and during night or either ones once a day. It is a great beginner product if you are looking into anti-aging/anti-wrinkle. It won’t overwhelm the skin too much as you do want to slowly ease into these products. It is also crucial to look into anti-aging products that are designed for your specific age group.

If you are interested in this product I have inserted a direct link =)

Link: http://jolse.com/product/secretkey-dragon-blood-essence-30ml/1155/

Have a great weekend everyone!!



Dragon Blood Essence by Secret Key

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