Creating lifestyle changes

Happy Spring everyone!! Hope the weather is treating you well wherever you may be!

Spring is here and I wanted to start the week off with something fresh! I’ve always been kind of a bookworm especially when I become so indulged in a series that I absolutely cannot put the book down for hours and would finish the series in just a few days. Lately, i’ve been really into inspiration books and the one that I came across while in Seoul was written by Tablo from Epik High. Unfortunately, at the time the English version was not available yet therefore, I had to wait a good few months to order online.

2017-03-19 05.18.50 1-1

Book title: Blonote
Versions: Korean (Pink Cover), English (Black Cover)
Price: $14.50
Shipping: $7.60 (shipping to Canada)
Approx. delivery: 2 weeks

I purchased the English version through (I have the direct link below) and before purchasing I knew this book would be filled with quotes either written by Tablo himself or other artists/friends around him. The hype around this book was something I could not ignore. I already love his music so you can’t go wrong with reading his books.

I don’t usually like to review books only because of different personal point of views and perspectives. For this blog post I wanted to pick a few quotes that really put my perspectives into a different view whether it is a personal situation that I related to or third parties point of view that made me step into their shoes to understand them better.

I hope you guys can find your inspiration within this book and enjoy these 3 quotes that really made me think outside the box.

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2017-03-19 05.18.47 1-1

Quote: “An angel will never see the Devil as an angel, but to the Devil, it’s the angel that is the Devil” (this was a given…come on G-Dragon!!)

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I really enjoyed reading the book and I still do. I find myself reaching for this book when times get a little harder and situations get a little complicated or sometimes it’s a great way to end my night before going to bed. I recommend it as a light reading and someone thats looking for some inspirational reading. This is definitely one of those little adjustments you can make to your lifestyle to see things differently and in a more positive way.

Here is direct link where I purchased this book.

Hope you guys enjoyed this little post!



Creating lifestyle changes

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