Living in workout gear

Happy Saturday everyone! Hope you’re all ending your week with relaxation!

As a continuation of my previous post about lifestyle changes I thought why not incorporate a few of my favourite sportswear as working out and exercising has been one of my main of the changes in my lifestyle.

Most of my friends know that i’ve been continuing on a pretty well-balance change within my day to day life. From working out to eating properly and cutting out all the “unnecessary” influences…I can pretty much say i’m now living a healthier lifestyle.

One of the ways I find motivation in working out and pushing myself is in the workout/sportswear. For me and maybe for most individuals when I find the perfect fit and flattering piece it gives me this boost of confidence to push myself to look better, and once you feel that confidence you’ll start to look into other factors to keep your body in shape and in good health. It always starts from the inside and out, mentally to physically.

So lets stop with the rambles and get right into my favourites!

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These have got to be my favourite workout leggings. The Nike Dri-Fit are so comfortable and so breathable that it makes running, yoga and workouts easier for your body to maneuver in. The polyester and spandex material gives it the right amount of thickness that isn’t to bulky but not thin that it is see-through. It works in favour for the cold weather as well as warmer temperatures. The right amount of polyester and spandex is key in any work out garments, whether at a lower price point and higher price point. Now for those Nike Juvenate, sorry to say these are not particularly your work out shoes cause it’s definitely not mine.  The pair I always go to for training sessions or for jogs are my NikeFlex (they are way too disgusting to share with you guys hahah), they have the right amount of cushion and support I need without stressing my feet. All in all, love my two pairs of Nikes =) big thank you to my sister and brother-in-law for my Juvenate! I love them!

Another pair that has caught my eye recently is of course the new Nike Air VaporMax! The sleek and futuristic is incredible. I can’t wait to get my hands on a pair!

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New Balance Sports Bra. I’ve gone through my share of finding the right fit for my body as well having the comfort. These have great support without the straps digging into my shoulder blades and definitely has enough material to not cause that little bulge on the side (i’m sure the ladies would know what I am referring to).  The padding comes out, it is easy to wash although after washing I do suggest tugging it slightly to stretch out the fabric as it tends to shrink just a little bit.

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And…last but not least to finish it off my Roots sweater. Being Canadian, you have to have the Roots sweater! I’m sure most of us has this particular sweater in whichever colour in our wardrobe. It is simple, it is warm and it is soft. I love throwing this on after a workout and if I need to run errands afterwards this is great for the chiller weather. During the warmer weather I usually throw over my Nike Breathe Training top which works out great as…I am sweating like crazy!

All in all a little bit of exercise is great for everyone. For me it definitely calms and relaxes the mind. It brings me back to sanity when I think everything cannot get worst. Whatever your workout may be I hope that everyone finds the one thing that helps to keep your mind clear. Taking care of yourself is so important and at the end of the day no matter what anyone tells you or says about you in a negative way…it is irrelevant. You’re beautiful, smart and talented in your own way, don’t let anyone take that from you!

xoxo – dee

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Living in workout gear

One thought on “Living in workout gear

  1. “One of the ways I find motivation in working out and pushing myself is in the workout/sportswear…”
    I couldn’t agree more!
    I work out hard so that when I wear good kit I don’t stand out like ‘all-the-gear-no-idea’. I want my Skins tights to looks like they belong in me 🙂

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