Cushion Obsession

It’s a rainy, gloomy, soggy Friday evening… and what better way to end the night with a little post about some of my favourite BB/CC cushions.

Confession: I have to admit…I do purchase cushions merely based on the packaging or based on a celebrity endorsement even though it is not the right colour shade for me. BUT do keep reading, as I will reveal what I do with the shades that are not the right fit.

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Above are the cushions i’ve collected in the last year or so and have repurchased a few times. And through the year or so in my opinion only three are worth looking into.

All of these brand cushions come with the cushion housing, a sponge, the cushion itself and a refill of the same shade. Each cushion has their own benefits whether brightening, hydrodration, anti-aging or simply just a coverage.


(**I will not be including prices as every website have different price points, either on sale or regular price. As well the ratings a merely based on my own opinion, it will definitely differ with everyone**)

A little background on my skin tone; I am normally between a N21 to N23 – Nude or Natural Beige. Given i’m white as a ghost during the Winter months and slightly (and I mean 1-3%) darker during the Summer months.

Starting off with ....

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Laneige BB Cushion Pore Control – SPF 50+ PA+++ No. 21 Natural Beige

  • I have a love-hate relationship with this particular cushion as I can only use this during Spring and Fall months. In the Winter I find the formula starts to flake off even with an extra layer of moisturizer underneath vs in the Summer months it starts to melt and create lines especially around my smile lines. Rating: 7.5/10

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Laneige BB Cushion_Whitening Milkyway Fantasy Holiday Edition – SPF 50+ PA+++ No. 13

  • I actually have not started using the product yet. As you can tell I purchased this cushion because of the packaging and Holiday Edition. This is not the right shade for me as the colour I normally use was out of stock then. Simply said, this was just for aesthic reasoning. No rating.

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Moonshot Microfit Cushion (Black) – SPF 50+ PA+++ 101

  • Known as the GD cushion this was no disappointment besides from purchasing the wrong shade (SMH). A little background about Moonshot; it is a cosmetic brand by YG Entertainment which was the main reasoning behind all its hype. But I have to admit the hype was worth it! The cushion has a nice feel to it, it is dewy and has a water base forumla which I do not mind at all. With all that said, I did mention that I had purchased the wrong shade…101 is too light for me but I made it work by using it as my under eye brightener. It works in my favor, it conceals my dark circles and brightens using only one product vs when I was using two products. Rating: 9/10

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Moonshot Face Perfection Balm Cushion (Beige) – SPF 50+ PA+++ 201

  • No disappointment at all. I had actually recieve a small sample of this before purchasing. This is a true match to my skin tone, the formula has improved from the Microfit cushion making the coverage a bit thicker but with almost an airy feel to it. Rating: 10/10

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Iope Air Cushion XP Broad Spectrum – SPF 50+ PA+++ N23 Ice Beige

  • This is my first ever cushion, it is also the pioneer of all cushions out on the market right now. I did a lot of research before purchasing any cushions as I did not want to be disappointed after my first try. And let me tell you, this cushion did not disappoint and will always be my repurchase and safe choice. The colour is on point and has a very nice dewy finish. It keeps my skin hydrated even through the winter months and doesn’t make me look oily through the summer months. Rating: 10/10

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Pony Effect Everlasting Cushion Foundation – SPF 50+ PA+++ Nude Beige

  • Watching a few Youtubers in Seoul using this cushion really made me want to try it. I love Ponys makeup tutorials looks already…so why not take the plunge and try it. To my surprise I absolutely fell in love with this cushion; it gives a flawless naturally look. The feel of the formula is light and coverage is just enough that you can keep building although a little does go a long way. The colour match is perfect, on point; the finish is dewy but not too much to the point that it makes you look oily. AND that packaging…it’s square, rose gold…what more can I say. Rating: 10/10
In conclusion (I feel like i'm writing an essay...)

At this point in time these are my go-tos…surprise surprise haha

2017-03-29 07.28.58 1-1

I think finding the right cushion takes a lot of research, money to try and patiences. It’s not a “i’ll purchase this because everyone likes it” noooo that is not the case and definitely was not the case for me at all. I had to try for weeks, with through all the seasons and it took me a fair while to sum up the ones that I really enjoyed using and knew that I would repurchase again.

For those of you adventuring off to the world of cushions…there will always be new cushions out there with new and improve formulas. Don’t hesist to keep trying new ones, putting off the old ones and going back to them just so you know and compare. One thing I would suggest is looking for cushions that are easily accessible online or at any local stores…you will never know what you’ll fall in love with.

Hope you guys have a great and safe weekend =)



Cushion Obsession

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  1. […] This has definitely served it’s purpose by keeping my skin hydrated through the long cold 5 months as my skin tends to get very dry. Particulary around my forehead and cheek zones. Not only does it keep my skin hydrated it works great under my top 3 cushions (check out my Cushion Obsession post: Pony Effect, Moonshot Microfit and Iope Air). […]


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