Removing and Bringing back the Nudes

April showers brings May flowers! Again…a very gloomy Friday (by forecast). Toronto we have snow but Monday brings a high of 20 degrees hopefully =)

As we approach into Spring/Summer of 2017 all I can think of is bringing out my Spring/Summer collection and forgetting the cold freezing heavy jacket temperatures.

Fall/Winter Wardrobe Removing the Nudes

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Completely infatuated with lightweight materials, crop jeans, shorts and sandals…reminiscing the hot weather I couldn’t contain myself from switching out my Fall/Winter wardrobe to Spring/Summer a little too earlier judging by the weather forecast =( and realizing…I’ve just changed out of the same color palette just in different fabrics.

By looking into the color wheel of this coming season and shopping/window shopping at some of my favorite stores I’ve been able to pinpoint what I can possibly re-wear from the previous Spring/Summer attire that I already have without spending too much (who am I kidding hahaha) AND luckily, I am a complete plain Jane. White, black, navy, cream, beige, dark grey, light grey…do I need to go any further?? Plain! Basically I can re-wear everything!

Spring/Summer Wardrobe Bring back the Nudes 
(I wasn't kidding when I said I was plain haha =P)

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Each season will always have it’s trend, but that doesn’t mean throwing out all the old. You can incorporate pieces of the trend with something you already have. For example, splashes of color and floral pieces seems to be the trend going into SS 17′.

To start the season of incorporating I decided to pick out two pieces that would be my “go-to” with not most of my outfits. My first punch of “color” purchase was from Zara; the basic collection is to die for. As you can see I’ve never been the person to leap daringly into fashion forward pieces and definitely isn’t a pink tone type of person.

Zara Long Blazer $69.90 CAD ; Zara Two-Tone Crossbody Bag $29.90

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But I tried it on and fell in love with it instantly! Unfortunately, at that time they did not have my size. I ordered it online (free shipping over $50 CAD) along with a cross bag (it does come in two colors) which I know the picture doesn’t do it justice but it is the perfect example of color incorporation. It’s a simple navy bag but along the inside strap there is a contrasting sea foam green color giving it a bit of an edge AND it’s only $29.90.

Both pieces would look great together or individually with other outfits. Whether I am out and about or even just at work it’s simple enough to match without a second thought. You can definitely dress this up with a pair of heels; semi-casually with a pair of flats or simply casual with sneakers.

This is my first plunge into color and who knows what i’ll come across or how “daring” i’ll be…until then hope you guys had a great week and as well have great weekend coming up.



Removing and Bringing back the Nudes

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