Spring Clean Out

In an addition to switching out makeup and wardrobe; another thing I love about Spring is switching up the interior of my room and that is exactly what I did this past weekend.

I cleaned, decluttered and re-arranged…basically reset the vibe and energy surrounding me on a day to day, night to night basis.

I would definitely say my bedroom is my sanctuary, it’s where I spend majority of my time from watching TV series, dramas, movies, listening to music, reading, day dreaming and creating content for my blog. This is the place where I reset for the next day.

In order me to keep my sanity I feed off constant change. By decluttering I am able to make room and clear out the unnecessary. Symbolically, you could say cleaning, clearing and organizing my life. If it doesn’t serve a purpose or bring you joy…get rid of it. If it passes through you negatively…either get rid of it or see the brighter side of things.

The Rolling Rack

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

You guys remember…the overly stuffed rolling rack with my SS’17 wardrobe

Now it’s done up as a shelving and shoe rack.

Although most of you would say a rolling rack should serve its purpose, but the ones who do own one knows the troublesome of maintaining it. Dust collects easily, if the rolling rack is close to a window you’ll know once the sun hits and through a period of time clothes will fade. When hanging clothes it needs to be weighted out perfectly on both side or one side would eventually sink.

I wanted to get rid of it.

As I sat there pondering how to get rid of it, ideas started to flood in. I didn’t need to throw it out, I could actually turn it into something useful and that would serve a purpose.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

First shelf was done as my grab and go…my keys were hung on the top, perfume, watch and ring then out the door. Bottom two shelves are dedicated to my Spring Summer shoes which are easily accessible to match my outfits.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

I had these string lights hanging on my wall which did absolutely nothing and by stringing them onto the upper hanger I was able to give the rack a delicate look. With the different elements and colors, the lights reflected beautifully.

There are still a few tweaks I want to adjust but I can save that for another post! until then I hope this inspires you to change up your sanctuary.

A fresh look creates a fresh outlook. Have a great and safe long weekend everyone!



Spring Clean Out

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