From Dark to Light

Despite it being a bit gloomy, the weather this weekend stayed pretty warm and through the long weekend I was able to meet up/catch up with friends and family. With that in mind…it was time for a fresh look with Spring/Summer makeup.

Goodbye Winter makeup…

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Personally I enjoy my winter makeup being on the darker shade. Generally my eyeliner is worn a little heavier/thicker, lighter mascara due to the heavier eyeliner and my blushes are darker as well as bronzer/highligher.

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Of course there isn’t a set rule that you have to wear these particular shades only in the Winter. You can obviously wear these all year around and with these shades the work beautifully any skintone and outfits. For me I find that these shades work extremely well with my Winter attire due to wearing a lot heavier knits especially lighter colours and my very fair skintone (i’m a ghost in the Winter months hahah).

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Right: NARS Outlaw — Left: MAC Cheek & Cheerful

NARS Outlaw is a beautiful crimson red shade with a gold shimmer base just enough to bring out that healthy “I just walked out of the cold” glow. It is very pigmented, a little goes a long LONG way. Just a quick dab on the cheek is simply enough and if you do apply too much you can always blend it upwards as gradiant look.

MAC Cheek & Cheerful is a oldie but a goodie. I don’t think they sell this anymore and I know I had actually purchased this a while back. In reality I would say is more for summer but due to how pigmented this actually is I tend to use this a lot during winter months to give myself that healthier glow.

Now putting those aside…we welcome my Spring/Summer makeup.

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Lighter on the eyeliner, a little heavier on the mascara though. Blush and highlighter are of course are at very light tone.

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Lets start with contour. I love contouring during Spring/Summer, my hair is up often so the contouring comes into affect to shape and “define” what I do not have.

The Bronzer that i’ve been loving to use as contour is the Maybelline Master Bronze. It is matte base no shimmer formula. I’ve hit panel on this one and right now i’m looking into trying something new but like always I have a back up. It is kind of on a orangey tone but once you blend it in, it matches my skintone perfectly. AND sometimes all I do is contour, mascara and I am out the door.

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Right: Maybelline Master Bronze — Left: Etude House Pink Beam

Highlight! Etude House Face Designing Brightener in Pink Beam Face. Absolutely love this! It is lightweight, not too much shimmer and the right consistency of the pink tone. Definitely when the light hits, you’ll see it! It works great under the brow bone, and in the corner of the inner eyes to waken those eyes.

Now onto the blushes…

Two blushes i’ve been reaching for right now is…

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Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher #6 Grapefruit Jelly

When I first got this as a gift, I thought to myself…this is not going to show on my skin. It is a pale pink with a very soft coral undertone. It almost looks as if it would be transparent. To my surprise…I use this almost everyday for work. It gives me that pinch of color, subtle and natural. It is buildable and does not require any blending.

BELLEME Soft Coral

I actually bought this at Cosrx while in Asia. Sadly, I dropped the blush I was using then…it shattered into a million pieces. Took the plunge and thought it is a beautiful coral color, no fragrance…it will do. This surpassed my expectations…the formula is so well made, it is pigmented so a little goes a long way and this works great as a transitional season color. Fall and Spring =)

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Right: BELLEME Soft Coral — Left: Etude House Grapefruit Jelly

I hope you guys found this helpful when looking into something to freshen up a look. Spring is all about new starts new looks new adventures a brand new upgraded you! Don’t ever change, always find ways to improve! Be true to yourself =) nothing beats the better version of you!



From Dark to Light

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