Clean and Repair

The weather this past weekend was on point and I hope everyone had a great time!

In the midst of cleaning comes repair and the one thing I tend to neglect is my hair (that rhythms quite nicely hahah). From bleaching and coloring to blowing drying and straightening, and with the change in weather  it definitely puts a lot of stress on my hair. I go through phases where hair masks are a must once a week to no masks for months. This is definitely something I should keep up with.

I recently received my StyleKorean shipment and I had purchased a pack of five Cureit Protein Repair Cream. I was a little skeptical about another set of hair treatment when really you can DIY it. But honestly…to go out and purchase the ingredients and make the mask, it was not something I had the time for at the moment.

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Upon reading the use of the Cureit Repair Cream, there are three ways to use this product.

  1. After shampooing – On damp hair, best part is no rinsing!
  2. During the day – when you feel like your hair is a little lifeless.
  3. Full on mask – after shampooing, a generously amount throughout the hair, leaving it for 10-15 minutes and rinse.

I’ve tried all three methods and I find this product absolutely amazing. It leaves my hair soft, smooth, shiny, tangle free and surprisingly my split ends are not as visible.

Texture: is the same as most regular cream like formulas. It is on the thicker side but given the fragrance is more subtle and not overwhelming.

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Method 3 is what I intended as my main purpose for the Repair Cream.

The process starts after using a clarifying shampoo, I wanted to strip any oils and left over residue from my hair, giving it a clean canvas for the mask to be more effective. My hair was so dry after the Winter months and was desperately wanting a nourishing mask. It literally drank the formula and rinsing after 15 minutes my hair looked healthier and alive.

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At first I thought the product would be too thick for my hair as I have fine but very straight hair and a lot of it. But it was the right consistency and did not feel heavy or greasy afterwards. I do recommend starting with a little and proceeding to add as you may not need the whole tube, I definitely did not need the whole tube even with the amount of hair that I have; making the product last a lot longer. Like always a little goes a long way.

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There are tons of DIY hair masks out there online, and I have tried a few but this is a good alternative and the plus side to this; the formula contains castor oil. And we all know the benefits of castor oil which does wonders for hair, skin and nails.

Keep in mind, masks are just for the surface. To maintain healthy skin, hair and nails it all starts internally. Diet, vitamin intake, water intake…taking care of the body inside really reflects on the outside. And when you combine the two, the results are even better!

Have a great Monday everyone!!



Clean and Repair

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