Scented ~

Happy Sunday everyone! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

I thought I do something different and start the week off with a blog post and why not talk about some of my favourite room scents. From candles to room mist, there are only three that I cherish and have repurchased a few times. I’m sure there are plenty of scented mist and candles I will stumble upon but for Spring 2017 my list will still remain the same.

I am one of those individuals that is extremely sensitive to smell and it is no surprise that my room has to smell a certain way or it’ll throw off my day or night.  Scent is definitely one those things that can start and end your day. So without my rambles lets get into it!

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Each scented items have their own unique feature. Whether clean, floral or musky it brings a different vibe and it goes according to how I feel that day or how I can change my mood.

Lets start with how I start my day…

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This is by the far the perfect scent I enjoy during the week. I work early hours and I get even earlier to get ready (I’m talking about waking up at 5:45am and getting to work for 7:00am) first thing I reach for is this scent and the name itself explains it all. It’s a fresh, spring almost good for rainy days type of scent, you can also describe it as clean and fresh out of the laundry. This different perks me up in the morning, gets my day started and definitely wakes me up! You only need two spritz and it’s enouhg for a fresh scent to lighten the mood since it is so early in the morning!

The next scent I enjoy during the week as well but mostly during the weekend is…

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During my weekends, I tend to automatically wake up around 6:00am from being so use to waking up that time during the week and when I do I tend to grab this scent to relax myself and go back to sleep. Pure Lily describes it perfectly as well, it’s floral but with a hint of freshness and muskiness. It’s very calming and as some floral scents are not close to what it is suppose to smell like. Pure Lily has that rich lily fragance. This is perfect for my room and even in the living room during Spring. If I had to choose a scent to describe Spring…this would be it!! Great for rainy days and sunny days!

Last but not least…

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Siren – Moonlit Orchid

I didn’t actually purchase this through the website but I did find this at Homesense and the few times I was there…stock was still available!!

This is great for bedtime. The scent is light calming, musky with a hint of orchid fragance. The muskiness for myself helps to calm my mind and mellow out the enviroment around me. It is not overpowering but almost a warm embrace kind of scent. I would recommend this to those are struggling to sleep or need a rich but light smell for meditating. AND the color scheme itself is *thumbs up*

I  hope you guys enjoyed this little post and definitely let me know what scent you guys are into or any recommendations at all!

Have a great week! Stay safe and healthy!!



Scented ~

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