Going Herbal

Happy Sunday Everyone!

In the last month i’ve changed my nighttime routine due to having dry and irritable skin. I wasn’t sure if it was due to the changing weather, enviroment or just the products I was constantly using and trying but everything I used would either make my skin red or give me dry patches. So hearing about this line I took the dive and tried Pyunkang Yul after hearing Youtubers and bloggers rave about it. And! I am so glad that I did because once I used it, my skin has been clear, no irritation or dry patches.

Pyunkang Yul (the website is in Korean but some online stores do have english descriptions) cruelty free and is developed by a Traditional Herbal Clinic.

These non-scented products are perfect for sensitive skin and the great thing about it, is that it is available on Stylekorean and from time to time they offer the products in sets. For instance, as of now they have a set of three that includes Essence Toner, Moisture Serum and ATO Cream for only 59.00$ USD (don’t forget the conversion rate and shipping fees) but still it is a great deal!

At that time when I purchased my set of three, it was the Essence Toner, Oil and Nutrition Cream for 29.99$ USD.

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Now let’s get into the products ~

Starting with the base… Pyunkang Yul Essence Toner – 200ml

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This Essence Toner is amazing. Not only does it feel great on the skin, it is fragance free which makes is safe on really sensitive skin. Everyone is talking about the 7 layer toner step and I have to say it is a little too much for my skin so i’ve deducted about 4 layers. The first layer I use a cotton pad just to wipe away any left over makeup or dirt thats on my skin after cleansing. The second layer I apply with my hands in patting technique that allows my skin to absorb all the product and lastly the third layer really depends how my skin is that night. If I find that it is on the drier side, i’ll add the third layer if it’s not too bad i’ll actually skip the third and go straight to the next step.

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The toner contains Milk Vetch Root Extract which says it helps to bring elasticity back to the skin, while replenishing and re-energizing skin cell; which I can say that my skin does feel quite firm and replenished by morning. It doesn’t feel sticky at all making it prepped and ready for step 2.

Pyunkang Yul Nutrition Cream – 100ml and Pyunkang Yul Oil – 26ml

This nutrition cream feels really nice and refreshing. When applied on its own it has a cooling effect. It does provide hydration for my skin and it is said to help with providing a healthy glow with the product penetrating deep down to the skin allowing for a clear and radiant complexion.

Along with Step 2 Nutrition Cream is the Oil as well

For extra hydration they recommend adding 2-3 drops of the oil along with cream and applying it to the skin. It contains 7 plant based natural oils and can actually be used in your hair as well.

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Like it says, it works great for hydration which leads into having a radiant glow and clear complexion. Of course, don’t go by the amount they tell you, adjust the amount you need according to your skin type. As for me adding 2 drops is a little too much; it becomes overly oily for me so adding 1 drop is sufficient. They say there will be a light oil barrier that will prevent any moisture from evaporating…this is an excellent point because once this is applied I don’t find my skin losing my moisure at all and by morning my skin feels super hydrated making morning makeup application so smooth.

Overall I find the pricing to be quite reasonable for what it is, and of course on STYLEKOREAN you would find Pyunkang Yul in sets or single products on sale. You don’t need a lot while using these, a little goes a long way…which goes with any products out there. Definitely a great line for those who have really sensitive skin and have sensitive smell to fraganced products; along with skin types who need tons of hydration, These products would be great in the Winter months as well. I’m absolutely thrilled that I have an alternative for my skincare in the Winter now.

I hope you guys enjoyed this long blog post!

Have a great start to the week! Stay safe!!



Going Herbal

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