Summer Skincare

Happy Friday everyone! It is absolutely beautiful outside feels like 37 degrees =) and it is great patio weather!!

As we dive into summer now our skin has changed a slight bit from the harsh winter we’ve endured. It’s no surprised that i’ve added a few things and subtracted a few things into my skincare routine. In this blog i’ll be concentrating on my morning skincare throughout the week.

Lets jump right in…

Klairs Toner

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I have to say…i’ve been really enjoying this toner in the morning. It is refreshing, moisturing and soothes any redness I have in the morning. Normally I layer this twice, one on a cotton pad and two patting it in with my hands. This leaves the skin super hydrated which is always a plus considering you do not want any dry patches going in with make application and during the day! don’t forget being inside whether office setting, shopping, restaurants and even sitting in the car…you’re in a space with AC and that will leave your skin dry.

Rohto Medical – Acnes25 Medical Cream

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I may have that random pimple or a pimple ready to emerge. A quick dap of this PM before bed; AM after toner to keep it calm. This also helps create a protective barrel from the surrounding environment. It is not too thick or too thin, a good consistency thats easy to apply. Using q-tip I dab around areas I feel that there may be a pimple coming through or a pimple that already exist.

A.H.C – The Real Eye Cream for Face

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I cannot say that I love this or hate this at the same time. I do however really like the scent of this…a warm musky but clean smell. As for the cream itself as an eyecream I find it on a oily side. Once applied I can see that there is a oily film across – this sort of got to me a little but with the “oily film” I did find that when applying concealer under the eyes it stuck better without running or slipping. It seemed to hold itself better… ??? hahahaha

I’m from Vitamin Tree Water-Gel and Klairs Vitamin C Drops

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I have been using these two as a combo for a while now and it is probably the best combination I have seen it work during the warmer weather. Although I was not a huge fan of the smell of the Vitamin Tree Water Gel, there seems to be this alcohol smell lingering as I am applying this but overall, it did not break me out, it did not leave my skin feeling dried out nor did I have any reaction to it.

I add about two drops of the Klairs Vitamin C, and I definitely say that I have seen a change in the texture/appearance of my skin. It protects your skin from the UV rays which through this time I have noticed my freckles/sun spots diminishing or fading lighter then it was before. Not to mention I used this during the cooler weather with a heavier moisturizer and it seems to work just as well!

And lastly…

Souci Souci Limited Edition Butter

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This a little gift I got near the beginning of the year for purchasing throughout last year! Which I found amazing as Souci Souci is very customer oriented. Mainly used this before going to bed but I also found it to work well first thing in the morning to keep my lips hydrated throughout the day. I might need to touch up once or twice during the day but it does not leave your lips chapped as some lip balms I feel very realiant on it.

Rosy Souci Lipsoft



As this is a limited edition I have included a similar product that I enjoy using with the same results as well.

I hope you enjoyed this short blog! It has been a while since i’ve updated but I’m back and in full gear =) Have a great weekend!

I have included below some Wishtrend sites that include some of the Klairs products in a package, I believe when I had purchase the toner and vitamin c drops it came in package as a very good price.

– – This includes toner and vitamin c drops – –

– – This only includes the toner – –


– dee

Summer Skincare

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