Oils begone!

Stepping away from skincare a little bit…I thought it would only be relevant to talk about my summer hair and what I use. The summer months in Toronto tend to be hot…sticky and humid my hair becomes oily even faster and dull. I don’t wash my hair every single day (well I try not too) and in between washes I gravitate towards dry shampoo.

I’ve had my share of trying different dry shampoos…some work…some didn’t…some work but I didn’t like and ranging from higher price points to lower price points. As there are tons of suggestions on which one works and which one doesn’t but keep in mind that it takes a while to find the right one hence trying and purchasing. And of course the ones that didn’t work for me i’ve given it to friends and family.

With trying dry shampoo using it once is usually sufficient for me to know if I like it or not.

So without furthur ado…lets get into it!

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I actually stumble upon CO Lab on my usual Shoppers Drug Mart Run and I was out of my previous dry shampoo and I thought lets try something new, and honestly, I did not enjoy the previous one I was using although it did work.

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So I decided to pick up the CO Lab London for Volume. I was a little disappointed as it made my hair quite sticky but I did really like the smell so I continued using it. I would describe the scent as musky, with a bit of floral. It was like perfume for the hair and I loved it. I tried making it work as I would use it and throw my hair up as I’m the type of person to always play with my hair. The plus side was that it made it easy to pull up my hair…messy bun…half up the stickiness worked in its favor.

I had asked a friend for some suggestions on what’s out there that I could try and that could work. There was a few that she suggested and one of them being the CO Lab London although she did say it would be sticky and why not trying the same brand but different type. SO I went out and purchased the…

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CO Lab RIO tropical in Sheer Invisible. AND it has been my holy grail for day 2 hair!! The scent is perfect for summer hence the RIO tropical. It didn’t make my hair sticky and it worked like a charm. The scent reminds me of a fruit juice with that slight musky untone which is perfect…perfume for the hair.

For now…this works great for me and of course are tons out there that I would still love to try! So stay tuned!

I hope everyone is having a great summer, enjoying the weather!

Stay safe!




Oils begone!

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