[JOLSE] JUICYFUL Vitalizer Tone-Up Cream 100ml

**Disclaimer – I did not purchase this product. I received it for review purposes. [JOLSE] JUICYFUL Vitalizer Tone-Up Cream 100ml review**

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I’m not the type to really use tone up creams/lotions nor did have any interest in using the products. However, I do own the Laneige White Dew Tone-Up Cream and typically I use it to brighten areas of my face especially with dark spots, freckles and some acne scaring.

Roughly, a month back I received the Juicyful Vitalizer Tone-Up Cream to review from Jolse and I was thrilled to have an additional product to compare the Laneige one with.

So let’s stop the rambling and start with the review!

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Juicyful Vitalizer Tone-up Cream

I honestly have not heard of JUICYFUL so it was nice to review a product that I wasn’t aware of. I took my time trying the product everyday for a week whether it was during the day or night time and with or without makeup. This gave me more of an understand how the product works, pros and cons. Along with testing the product I wanted to make a comparison review as I had the Laneige Tone-Up cream as well. By comparing the two products I was able to test out the texture, scent, functionality and if the both products simplier worked with my skin.

With the Juicyful Tone-Up Cream it was a mixture of a dislike and like. To me and perhaps my skin I just didn’t feel that it did much but to make my complexion really pale.

How I used it

I tried using it all over my face and around my eyes to brighten it up. I also tried using it on just spots I wanted to lighten such as some of the acne scaring I have, and the freckles on my cheeks. And for the most part it did the job according to what I wanted but the formula after application made my skin feel oily, sticky and heavy. It just wasn’t a comfortable feeling to me and there were times I just went and washed my face after I used it.

After a few times I tried a 1:2 ratio more moisturizer then tone up to see if maybe it would be better and would feel nicer on my skin. I did think that it was better being mixed, however it wasn’t very blendable. It was pasty and streaky…almost like oil and water.

Personal Suggestion

I would suggest this product to someone with a much fairer skin tone I think this would beautifully with an individual that is very fair and looking for that almost translucent look. And perhaps someone that doesn’t mind the texture as well.

Comparison to ...

The Laneige White Dew Tone-Up Cream

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One thing I did like about the Juicyful Vitalizer Tone-Up Cream was that it came in a squeeze bottle vs in a jar although the Laneige one did come with a little spoon.

I just think with a squeeze bottle it was more hygenic and clean.

One obvious difference is the price point. I don’t find the Laneige product too pricy but in comparison with the Juicyful it is relatively more expensive. (I listed the two links below)

Juicyful Vitalizer Tone-Up Cream $26.00 USD

Laneige White Dew Tone-Up Cream $39.07 USD

Personally I really enjoyed using the Laneige Tone-Up cream. The texture is lighter and mixes really well with any moisturizer. It didn’t feel sticky or heavy at all.

Similar factors between Juicyful and Laneige is that they both whiten and brighten whichever areas I wanted to concentrate on. Both are scented and I would say there isn’t much a difference in that field.

I did compare both products ingredients and found the Juicyful has more extracts then the Laneige does so if you’re on the market for a product that whitens with plant based extracts this is definitely right up your alley.


Up to now…I am still trying, mixing and finding ways to make this work for my skin. I do want to try this product during the Fal/Winter months as now I have a feel of how it is during the Summer months. Weather is major factor on how your skin is like and performing. There will be a follow up review for this product during the Winter months just a check in to see if I found a new solution to using the product or if the weather indeed had an impact on how it didn’t work well with my skin. SO be on the look out for that!!

All in all…I do suggest trying both products. What work for me may not work for someone else and vice vera. It’s always smart to try new things and explore different options and i’m sure there are a lot more tone-up creams out there that I can explore.

I hope you guys enjoyed this little honest review…it’s technically my first time reviewing a product I received.

Have a great rest of the week and stay safe!

With love always ❤

– dee

[JOLSE] JUICYFUL Vitalizer Tone-Up Cream 100ml

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